Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Psychopass: toycon day 3

"The law doesn't protect people. People protect the law. People have always detested evil and sought out a righteous way of living. Their feelings, the accumulation of those peoples feelings are the law. They're neither the provisions, nor the system. They're the fragile and irreplaceable feelings that everyone carries in their hearts."- akane tsunemori (Psycho Pass)

That feeling when someone recognized your character   ahhhh..

Cosplayed her for only 2-3 hrs at toycon day 3 coz I'm so tired  sorry po sa mga natanggihan ko ng pictures  please don't eat me or skin me alive.

Prolly the simplest cosplay I did. Class A wig restyled, office attire( used for my ojt xD), my okaa-san's shoes (shhhh!), and the dominator. Yey!

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