Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Silica Cosplay Preparation

Feathers, accessories, and such!

yey~ ribbons and feathers! <2

pina when she was killed by the monsters.

                                                                     The Costume
bought this last year(2013)
I had some parts altered and remade.

LEFT: a pair of gloves i dyed, FAIL
RIGHT: the dyed gloves was a failure so i had
to redo and remake the gloves. I used and old
Red socks and hand sewn it to a pair of finger less
gloves. Much Better. :D

PINA The Little Dragon

My master piece :')  I am no props maker and this is my first time doing such props. It is imperfect and not that accurate but I love the result. It took me a week to finish this tiny dragon, a week of patience and dedication, a week of head ache. LOL! I made it though paper-mache-ing and coated it with poster paint and styro paint.


Selfie with Pina (still eye-less HAHA)
These (pic in the left) are my first make up trial and I am very much unsatisfied.

 My second trial (i used on my silica shoot.)


Left(2nd Trial)
Right (1st Trial)

-Fixed my brows. I made it thinner.
-Fixed the lower lashes's position
- Fixed the eyeliner
-Fixed the lipstick


more pictures:

                                                       Thank you for dropping by <3
                                                                    xoxo, Miyumi

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