Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ozine 2013 (Day 2)- Megumi Yamamoto(special A)

I cosplayed Megumi Yamamoto from special A. It was really an impulse cosplay since she's not on my cosplay plan 2013 list but its worth it. She's my favorite S.A. Character she's soooo cute, she seems so fragile but courageous at the same time. I also love her guts specially when she invited Yahiro out and she even sang a wonderful song for him.

I really planned to cosplay her but not this year though it turned out so well so i think i'll cosplay her again, not to mention i'll upload my cover of her song (hoshi no nagareru yoru ni) soon :).

Here are the pictures taken by the awesome photographers



and photobooth with pals yey!

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