Friday, June 8, 2012

Business~ Cheap manga for sale

Tonight i'll be blogging about business xDD .. So i've got this manga Tsubasa Resevior Chronicle in japanese version.. i tried reading it for a few hours but i really don't understand T.T, uhm i mean i can read japanese (hiragana and katakana only) but i do not understand what i am reading LOLZ!

I'll be selling this manga for only 75 PHP or 1.75 USD :D

Right now i am also helping my friend sell some manga of hers :D, her collection of Full Metal alchemist volume 1-11 (but the volumes 3and 4 are still missing but she is currently looking for it)

The set is only 500 PHP or 11.66 USD only (excluding the 3 and 4) and 75 PHP or 1.75 USD each :D
Anyone out there interested? Just Comment, PM me or Send me an Email (

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