Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Busy day~

today i have been really busy >.<
i woke up early coz i went to school for enrollment.. waiting in line is really boriiing =.= haha .. but its ok :D.. then later this afternoon i went to the mall to meet up my clients/ costumers for the japanese school bags :).. the japanese school bag is really easy to sell because i only sold it for a cheap price :) 600php(14 usd).. i've got 8 stocks last monday and 4 are already sold :D, the other are currently reserved for meet ups on toycon. 

I also got my pikachu kigurumi, i 'll be wearing this on toycon so that my clients/costumer will be able to spot me on the herd of people lolz.. its sooo cute :3 .. i wanna wear it soon :*

reference picture for the kigurumi :3

.. i've also made a friend ^^ (my costumer, now a friend). we ate at Mcdonalds and we talked a lot about almost everything :). She also gave me a cure card :D the first cure card i had received :'). When i got home a pizza is waiting for me weee <3.. 


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