Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Hey there .. sory im not good at expressing and introducing something specially in writing*sigh* like i always did haha . oh.well this blog is about anime, anime and most of all ANIME .


Here's a short introduction of my self ..

Im a teenage girl who is obssesed with anime specially when it comes to shoujo (either manga or anime series) i love the feeling i get by reading and watching them it makes me go "kyaaaaaaaa" lols . Yhep im a fangirl, one of the girls you here screaming at an anime convention w/c makes your ears hurt because of the high pitch loud sound coming from there mouth when they see their anime crush.. oopsy oh well i admit it >///< .
im a fangirl of::
Yoh Asakura(how he loves anna even though she's so strict)
Ryoma Echizen(kyaaah .. i love his coolness and coldness)
Lelouch vi Britannia(i love how he care for someone special to him)
Kaname Kuran(i love how he treat his beloved )
Natsume Hyuuga (oh gosh i just can help it .. i love his coldness)
and Most of all
Sasuke Uchiha (even until now that he's the worst enemy i am truly loyal to him >.<)

i also love the pairings:
*sigh*  i love daydreaming about these pairings ..>////<

these are the character i want to cosplay(so far) someday ^^
-Sakura Haruno
-Anna Touyama
-Sasuke Uchiha (yep i wanna try crossplaying x3)
-Euphemia li Britania


Im gonna post in this blog some tutorials in cosplaying i found by surfing through the net.

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